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»Ngatai Taepa




»Cynthia Taylor




»Rob Taylor




»Sam TeTau




»Elizabeth Thomson




»Jeff Thomson




»June Tilley




»Jacqueline Tuckey




»Michel Tuffery




»Sheyne Tuffery

Sheyne received a Bachelor of Visual Arts from AUT in 1995 and his Masters of Fine Arts (honours) in 2000 from The University of Auckland. Since graduating, Sheyne has received a number of awards, residencies and commissions. His works are held in many public collections in Christchurch, Auckland, W » Read more



»Rebecca Tune

Rebecca Tune was born in Auckland and is the daughter of artist Geoff Tune. After leaving school she studied art history for two years at Auckland University before changing to a Fine Arts degree at the ASA. Once she graduated Tune went to Teachers Training College and then taught art at second » Read more

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