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Alfred Memelink

Born in Wellington in 1961 and raised in a creative family with no TV, Alfred developed an early and close association with Wellington and its harbour.

His love of the sea led to a career in shipping and, as a marine engineer, he explored all corners of the world.

During long sea voyages, he taught himself to paint and found that much of his inspiration for marine art and seascapes lay directly outside his porthole.

Over the last ten years, Alfred has extended his interest in seascapes to include streetscapes.

Both themes are strongly expressed through his art and have resulted in his increasingly popular ‘Streetscapes and Seascapes’ exhibitions.

Many of these paintings invoke a feeling of pleasant summers and one can easily be captured with a sense of ‘knowing’ and quickly drawn into the scene.

Alfred’s special affinity for the sea and first hand knowledge of ships has provided him with a very personal approach and is winning him international recognition for his distinctive watercolours.

He is at one with the watercolour medium and his paintings often reflect personal excitement with the scenes portrayed.

His work is characterised by interesting perspectives, an enthusiastic and expressive sense and use of colour to create distinctly tangible moods Away from painting his favourite boat and street scenes, Alfred enjoys pushing the boundaries of art in other areas, has developed a unique semi-abstract style of collage and is currently exploring the use of ceramics.

Other means of creative expression are found through his photography and music as a Jazz saxophonist.

His photographs have appeared on stamps, cards, National and international books and other publications. Successful solo exhibitions have led to numerous private and commercially commissioned artworks and a steadily increasing demand with paintings now in private collections in New Zealand and overseas. SOLO EXHIBITIONS, N. Z Academy of Fine Arts, WGTN Going Solo 16 March 2003 Millwood Gallery, Thorndon.

WGTN Streetscapes & seascapes Mar 2002 Community Art Gallery.

UPPERHUTT Marine Watercolours. Feb 2001 Bailey Originals HASTINGS Marine Watercolours. Feb 1997 Downtown Hilton Gallery AUCKLAND Auckland Sea & Cityscapes. Dec 1996 Brio Café WGTN Streetscapes & Seascapes – Wellington (II).

June 1996 Medical Library WGTN A Summer in Wellington. Jan 1994 Aro Street Café WGTN Streetscapes & Seascapes of Wellington (I) Nov 1993


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